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Boss TR-2 effects pedal repair and modification

As well as repairing guitar amplifiers, we also repair and modify effects pedals. The Boss TR-2 is a good sounding tremolo pedal, but suffers from a loss of volume when the effect is engaged. This is easily cured by changing R9 on the PCB from 10k to a lower value. I find 6k8 works well. […]

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Brighton Guitar Workshop website now active

I’ve posted previously that a friend of mine, Nathan, is building and repairing guitars in Brighton. Nathan’s now got his web-site, Brighton Guitar Workshop,  up and running so you can check out his work.    

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Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Zealotry

This pedal was brought in for repair, and I noticed that some jobsworth had stuck a PAT sticker to the outside. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is carried out on electrical portable appliances to verify that they are safe to use. However class III devices that are powered by an external power supply less than 50VDC […]

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JPF Amps now doing guitar amp and effects repairs in Brighton

If you’ve been following our blog, you may have noticed that I have advertized that a good friend of mine, and excellent guitar repairer and builder, Nathan, has got his workshop up and running in Brighton. Nathan has been getting requests from his customers for amplifier repairs, so has asked me if I would be […]

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Guitar & Amp Repairs In Brighton

For anyone living in the Brighton environs looking for a top notch guitar repairer and builder, a good friend of mine and exellcent guitar tech Nathan has now finally got his workshop up and running. I’m also now doing guitar amp repairs at Nathan’s workshop. Nathan can be contacted on 07578 916284 ‎. His work shop is […]

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New boutique pedal site, Joe’s Pedals.

A mate of mine Joe has now got his website (creatively called!) up and running selling a great selection of boutique pedals. Joe is a real pedal nut, so all the pedals he sells are ones he personnally recommends. Hopefully we’ll soon get a selection of Joe’s personal collection in the “museum section” of […]

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Shin-ei Resly Machine repair

Here is an example of one of the more interesting effects we have repaired recently — the Shin-ei Resly machine. As you might have guessed this was designed to recreate the sound of the Leslie rotating speaker cabinet, and anyone who’s had to move a Leslie will understand the  motivation to find a good pedal…. […]

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