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Audio Samples

How the recordings were made

Tayden speakers are probably the only guitar speaker manufacturer that assemble all their speakers in the UK, and they use as many UK made parts as possible.

The standard Tayden range uses UK-made Kurt Müller cones. The Tayden motor units are fabricated in the UK and are CNC milled to very high tolerance and chromplated to prevent rusting. Tayden wind their own voice coils allowing them to supply virtually any impedances for all their speakers.

Tayden speakers are finished in British Racing Green and use UK-stamped cork gaskets for a classic vintage look.

Tayden True Brit 25

This speaker is designed to capture the sound of the classic G12M. It has more midrange emphasis and is less efficient than other Tayden speakers. Works well for higher gain sounds.

Tayden True Brit 25 Tele

Tayden True Brit 25 Strat

Tayden True Brit 25 Strat with effects

Tayden True Brit 25 Les Paul

Tayden True Brit 25 1958 Gibson Junior

Tayden True Brit Hi

Using a larger magnet then the True Brit 25, this speaker is designed for a more G12H-style sound. More bandwidth and greater efficiency than the Brit 25. This speaker works very well for clean and overdriven sounds.

Tayden True Brit Hi Tele

Tayden True Brit Hi Tele with effects

Tayden True Brit Hi Strat

Tayden True Brit Hi LesPaul

Tayden True Brit Hi LesPaul with effects

Tayden True Brit Hi Gibson LP Junior

Tayden Alnico Smooth

This is a design unique to Tayden, and produces a very “smooth” sound. Really good with Fender amps, e.g. in a Tweed Deluxe to recreate the early ZZ Top guitar sound. Available in 25W or 45W rating.
Tayden Alnico Smooth Tele

Tayden Alnico Smooth Strat

Tayden Alnico Smooth Les Paul

Tayden Alnico Smooth ’58 LP Junior

Tayden Ace 25

Like the Smooth, the Ace25 uses an alnico ring magnet. The Ace25 was designed to capture the tone of the Vox JMI era Celestion Blue. In fact, it was developed by direct comparison with some examples of JMI era Vox blues. This speaker has more upper mids and less bass than the Smooth. Available in 25W and 45W rating.

Tayden Ace 25 Tele

Tayden Ace 25 Strat

Tayden Ace 25 Les Paul

Tayden Ace 25 – ’60 LP Junior

Ace 25 – ’68 Gretsch 6120

Retro 55

Unlike the other Tayden speakers on this page, the Retro55 uses a 2″ voice coil, rather than the classic 1 3/4″ VC, which combined with the larger ceramic magnet gives the Retro55 extra power handling, hence its conservative 55W rating.

Tayden Retro 55 Tele

Tayden Retro 55 Strat

Tayden Retro 55 Les Paul

Tayden Retro 55 -’60 LP Junior

Tayden Retro 55 – ’68 Gretsch 6120

How we recorded the sound samples:

We used an early 70s Marshall JMP 20 W head, close-miced off-axis with a Shure  SM57 and an Audio Technica AT4033 ambient mic, in a 2×12 closed-backed cab with one speaker driven. We recorded sound samples using clean, crunchy and flat out settings on the amp, using the three most popular solid body electric guitars: Strat, Tele and Les Paul. These samples were edited together and adjusted to equalize the volumes.  Other than this NO processing (compression etc) was done to the sound clips.

For a laugh, we also recorded some clips using more off-piste guitars, eg a 1968 Gretsch 6120, although as we had the entire stock of Angel Music at our disposal we could have gone REALLY wild.

For a few of the clips we also applied some processing to give an idea of what sort of sounds could be achieved. For these clips (labelled “with effects”), the first half of each mp3 is the unprocessed recording, and the second half is the same clip with processing.

The vast majority of the sound samples (i.e. the ones on which the playing is very good!) were performed by Dave Page.