London Guitar / Bass Amplifier and Effects Pedal Repairs

Guitar / Bass Amplifier and Effects Pedal Repair

JPF Amplification is based at 5 Denmark St. London.

However, as it is getting increasingly less convenient bringing vehicles into Central London (ULEZ, congestion charge, parking etc), we are also taking in repairs at Sweet Amps in Hackney (20 Well St, London E9 7PX) where there is off-street parking. If you want to take your amp to Sweet Amps, contact Jim.

We are VERY BUSY, so contact us BEFORE bringing your amp or pedal into us, either via email (better) or phone. DO NOT text.

We are NOT open Mondays and Wednesdays, and some Saturdays.

We specialize in valve (tube) guitar and bass amplifiers, and have extensive experience of all the major brands, including Fender, Marshall, VOX, Orange, Ampeg, Blackstar, Peavey etc.

Please do NOT bring transistor amps into our workshop without contacting us first to see if we can help you. We now only work on transistor amps that we can get support / spares for.

Our labour charge is £80/hr labour for amp repairs + parts.

There is a minimum charge of £80, which is one hour’s labour, after which we charge by the half-hour (£40 / half-hour).

Normally we will just go ahead with amp repairs, however if the repair looks like it will be uneconomic (ie a substantial proportion of your amp’s value) we will contact you before undertaking the work.

We pedal repairs are from £28 + parts, but we will let you know before we undertake a repair. For example to repair a 70’s EH Memory Man, we may charge more.

We operate a “no fix no fee” policy, so if we can’t fix your amp/pedal there is no charge. More about us.

Guitar and Bass Amp Repairs

amp logosWe specialise in repairing vintage and classic valve guitar amps (that’s tube amps to our US customers) including Fender, Marshall, Vox, Ampeg, Friedman, Morgan, Toneking, Hiwatt, Gibson, Supro, Selmer, Orange, Laney, Matamp, Watkins, Wem, Traynor et cetera, but work on all types of valve amplifiers including modern valve amps such as MESA Boogie and Peavey.

Work undertaken includes: general amp repairs, servicing, preventative maintenance, recaps, re-valving, biasing, modifications (e.g. Blackface conversion for Fender Silverface amps), de-modification, restoration of vintage amps, portable appliance testing (PAT),  US/UK voltage conversion.  Visit our blog for examples of the type of work we do.

Guitar Effects Pedal Repairs

We also can repair a wide variety of guitar and bass effects pedals by major brands, including BOSS, MXR, EH, Fulltone, and Colorsound, as well as “boutique” brands such as Lovetone, JAM, Love Pedal, Crowther, Lateral Sounds, Friedman, Wampler, Keeley, and RMC. We’ve also got extensive experience of working on vintage pedals, such as Fuzz Face and Colorsound.

Note that we tend to work mainly on analogue pedals, so if you have a problem with your loop station or digital multi-effects we probably can’t help you.

JPF AMPLIFICATION LTD Registered No. 05495618.