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70’s Vintage Marshall JMP 100W Guitar Amplifier Repair

We often get 70’s Marshall JMP amps in for repair; these are excellent rock amps and are still very good value for money. Ahe major issue with these amps are the voltage and impedance selectors which are prone to falling out. Someone had done a really good job of wiring the mains selector in this […]

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Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb Repaired By JPF Amplification

We’ve repaired hundreds of vintage Fender amps, and it’s always a pleasure to get these classic amps back in tip-top working order. It’s a testimony to Leo Fender that so many Fender amps from the 1960’s are in use today. Here’s a picture of the inside of a vintage 1960’s Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb we […]

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Two Marshall JCM900 Amps Repaired At JPF Amps

Here are a couple of Marshall JCM900s guitar amplifiers we’ve had in our workshop for repair in the last few weeks.     The one on the bottom simply need new output jack. Unfortunately the one on the top needed a new mains transformer and power valves, a significantly more expensive repair. These are original early 90’s amps, […]

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More safety earthing issues. VOX AC30 and Yamaha PA

A couple of safety earthing issues I’ve seen over the last few weeks. Here’s the safety earth from a recent repair on a JMI era VOX AC30. Suffice to say, if you were going to solder the safety earth to something, then the chassis might have been a better bet…… OK, that was a vintage […]

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Super Rare Wem Deep Blue Amplifier

It’s not often you see one of these. No-one I know had one seen before. It is of course the Wem Deep Blue. Looks fairly conventional from the front.   But what’s that in the back. A Copicat tape echo!   We’ve only found one other picture of a Wem Deep Blue in the internet […]

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How to wire mains earth to a US amp with 2 prong cord. NOT!

When you think you’ve seen every conceivable bodge job on the planet, something comes in that beggars belief. Here are some snaps from an amp I’ve just worked on. The amp is US voltage Ampeg Gemini. Someone had installed a step down transformer into the bottom of the cabinet to allow operation from UK mains. […]

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Vintage Guitar Fair, Exeter 3rd/4th December

Just a quick reminder that JPF Amps will be at the Vintage Guitar Fair, this weekend (3rd/4th December). We will be sharing a stand with Zilla cabs. We will be offering a 10% discount on any amps purchased/ ordered at the show. We will the following vintage amps for sale: Fender Deluxe Reverb II (£8o0), […]

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Angel Music’s wall o’ Marshalls

Angel Music seem to have accumulated several Marshall amps at the moment, so here’s a snap of the wall o’Marshalls. Quite an impressive line up!

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