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Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi Repairs.

EH Big Muff effects pedal repair at JPF Amp’s London workshop in Denmark St.

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Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer Reissue Switch Repair

The Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer is, rightly, regarded as a classic pedal. Ibanez have now reissued the TS-808. This is fortunate as an original TS-808s will set you back several hundred pounds. Unfortunately, the switches on the reissue (and indeed the originals), are not that robust. This pedal came in with a broken switch. In […]

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WEM / Watkins Copicat tape echo repair extravaganza

We had a bit of a WEM / Watkins Copicat repair extravaganza at JPF amps. Here’s a nice photo of three of the 8 (yes eight!!!) we had in for repair.   Great sound that can only really be done by a genuine tape echo.

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Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9 DX Repair

Here’s an Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer we’ve just repaired.     The pedal came in with a common fault: the switching was intermittent. This is usually due to the foot switch wearing out, however the foot switch in this pedal was fine. After some prodding with a high tech implement (a chopstick!) I found […]

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Two EH Memory Man Deluxe in for Repair at JPF Amps

Here are a couple of Electro Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe delay pedals we’ve had in for repair.       The pedal in the right was distorting badly with an ES-335 when set to unity gain; a problem with the Memory Man is that they don’t like hot guitar signals. This can be reduced somewhat by […]

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Edwyn Collins’ Girl Like You Barnes & Mullins Fuzz

Here’s a piece of history. This is the actual Barnes and Mullins Fuzz used by Edwyn Collins to record his classic track Girl Like You.     The pedal was in the work shop for repair; nothing seriously wrong with, a broken solder joint on the PCB.    

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Fender AB763-style Valve Guitar Pre-amp Custom Build

We were asked to make a valve pre-amp for a customer who wanted a simple clean Fender-style pre-amp, mainly for playing jazz. Here are some of the parts before the build.     The PCB is a charge pump circuit from Tube Town that boosts the incoming voltage (12VDC in this case) to a user-adjustable […]

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3 Cool Lovetone Pedals in for Repair

Here are 3 Lovetone pedals that we have recently repaired. These are rare and valuable pedals.     The Dopplerganger is a phase/ vibrato pedal with 2 low frequency oscillators and is a particular favourite of mine. The Meatball is an envelope filter, and the Ring Stinger is a ring modulator (which I would have […]

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Custom Footswitch for Fender Vibroking

Here a picture of a custom footswitch we made for a Fender Vibroking.     The problem with the amp’s stock footswitch is that there are no LEDs on it to indicate which functions have been activated, so we built a footswitch with LED indicators for each feature. The LEDs can be powered either from […]

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Boss Pedal Repair at JPF Amps London Workshop

Here are 3 Boss pedals I’ve had in for repair at our workshop; a DM-2 analogue delay, an OS-2 overdrive /distortion pedal, and a DD-3 digital delay.     Boss pedals are, in my experience, very reliable. None of these pedals had major faults. The DM-2 (which for the uber pedal geeks was the earlier […]

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