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Tech Info
Guitar Repairs/ Custom Builds

Tech info

Whilst there is an enormous amount of twaddle on the interweb regarding any topic you care to mention, the following sites contain very good and accurate information about various amp-related topics.

ABX – The ABX company conducted several double blind listening to try to assess whether, for example, there was any reproducible audible difference between hi-fi amplifiers. The results are interesting. – The most authoritative source of information about valve guitar amplifiers on the web, bar none. – A great resource for info on vintage amps, especially Fender. Now brought to you by amp parts specialists Mojotone. – Tons of schematics and articles on guitar amps. – Douglas Self’s web-site. A real expert. Although not valve amp related very uselful information. Also some weird and wonderful steam locomotives! – Best resource for valve data. Also free power supply and tone stack calculators. – R.G. Keen’s top-notch website mainly about effects pedals (and probably responsible for the multitude of Fuzz Face clones now in production), but also some very good advice about valve amplifiers. – Brilliant site with a huge number of ancient technical books scanned in for downloading. Not one for dial up customers…… – The pentode press site is run by Richard Kuehnel, who has published excellent books analizing valve guitar amps. Check out the other useful resources on his site, including  calcultors to help amp designers. – Rod Elliot’s site contains many excellent, and thought provoking articles on valve and transistor amps. – John Broskie’s top notch site is mainly hi-fi orientated, but has tons of useful info. Quite technical, but worth the effort.

valvewizard – Merlin Blencowe’s excellent site with tons of really useful technical information about valve amp design. – J.C. Maillet’s site covers a number of topics including amp modding, and effects building.

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Guitar repairs/custom builds – The incomparable Philippe Dubreuille. Custom builds and repairs. Excellent refins, both wacky and vintage.

wirebirdguitars -Fantastic hand-made guitars by Sam Walker.

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Music – The Electric Cucumbers are one of the “musical” ventures of Frank at JPF Amplification. They play British music of the 70’s, mainly in East London. – Goldmine Studios provide affordable rehearsal rooms with quality backline, and analogue and digital recording in the Bethnal Green. – James Stevenson’s website. James trades vintage gear at Angel Music, as well as playing with the Alarm, Gene Loves Jezebel and Chelsea. You can also see highlights of James’s personal guitar and amp collection at his site. – Independent music web-site for promotion of jazz, ska and World Music. Nice. – The Jim Jones Revue are taking loud to a new level. Imagine if Jerry Lee Lewis had started his career in London in 1977. The marmite of Rock and Roll. Not a band that inspire indifference. – Excellent drummer and drum teacher. Also designed JPFamps web-site ( and helps us out with our IT when we get into trouble (which is quite frequently). Doesn’t say much for our IT skills when you are being helped by a drummer……

littlebarrie – Little Barrie, fronted by Barrie Cadogan (whose playing credits include  Primal Scream, Paul Weller and Morrissey), play a unique brand of 60’s-influenced funk and blues.

noahkellyband – Noah Kelly is an up-and-coming song writer, dubbed the Ray Davis for the credit crunch generation. – The Skamonics are another of Frank’s musical ventures, and play French Progressive Rock recorded between 1967 and 1975. Only joking they do infact play (mostly) instumental Ska, including many classics and cover versions of a very unusual nature. They also have a compact disc for sale at a bargain price of £5!

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