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Gallien Krueger 2001rb Bass Amp Repair

Gallien Krueger make amps that are both well engineered and good sounding. I recently had a GK 2001rb bass amp in for repair. This is a complex machine (for a bass amp: see photo of innards); it has two 500W class G amps to provide do the heavy lifting in the low end (one each […]

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MESA Carbine M9 Bass Amp Repair

Here’s some photos from an emergency repair I did for the band Swans. I got phone call from their tech saying that one of their amps. a MESA Carbine M9, had died with smoke emanating from the innards. Swans needed the amp turned around quickly as they were on tour. I said that this didn’t look […]

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Ashdown MAG300 Bass Amp Repair

I’ve had quite a few Ashdown bass amps in the workshop for repair. Here’s the inside of a MAG300 I had in a recently. The amp was not powering up, and on inspection the mains fuse has blown. On energizing the unit employing a current limiter (a 60W light bulb in series with the amp), […]

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Ampeg SVT Repair.

Here’s a rare example of a 70s Ampeg SVT that I had in the workshop recently. The SVT has, rightly, gained the reputation of being one of the greatest bass amp ever made. Even today the SVT is the industry standard bass amp for live work. Working on these amps is not for the faint-hearted, […]

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JPF Prototype Nimrod 100W Bass / Guitar Amplifier

Here are some photos of the 1st prototype of a 100W bass / guitar amp. The amp was initially designed as a bass amp (mainly for my use!), but there was some interest in the design from a couple of guitar players, so we will develop a guitar version of this amp too. The amp […]

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Aguilar AG500 Bass Amp Repair: Man vs SMD Round 1

Here’s a repair I conducted on a more modern amp, a Aguilar AG500 bass guitar amplifier, where we were dealing with the dreaded SMDs. This amp is quite an interesting design as it has a class D output stage, however unlike most class D amps it’s not ultra light. It employs a linear power supply […]

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Brighton Guitar Workshop website now active

I’ve posted previously that a friend of mine, Nathan, is building and repairing guitars in Brighton. Nathan’s now got his web-site, Brighton Guitar Workshop,  up and running so you can check out his work.    

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JPF Amps now doing guitar amp and effects repairs in Brighton

If you’ve been following our blog, you may have noticed that I have advertized that a good friend of mine, and excellent guitar repairer and builder, Nathan, has got his workshop up and running in Brighton. Nathan has been getting requests from his customers for amplifier repairs, so has asked me if I would be […]

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Christmas Holiday

Just to let you know that we will be shutting for business on Monday 21st December and will be re-opening in the New Year on January 4th. In the New Year we will be adding a Tech Info section, which we hope will present some information not found elsewhere. We will of course continue to […]

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JPF Amps Blog

OK, with our new blog facility (!?) we aim to keep the cyberworld up to date with JPF Amplification activities. Once we’ve worked out how to add picture to this we will also bring you details of any interesting amps we have through the shop. Keep it country!

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