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JPF Amp Tone Demonstrations

David Page summatively demonstrating the different amp tones from JPF. Demos with – A Stratocaster, Telecaster and a Gibson Les-Paul

Here we have the incredibly talented Barrie Cadogan demonstrating the JPF Regent Combo amp with a selection of great guitars (and a not-so-great one for good measure). Introduced by Dr Frank Cooke.

JPF Amplification Docu – Viral

Biasing Made Easy

Regent 25 Combo

We are very fortunate to have roped the talented guitarist, Barrie Cadogan, into demonstrating the great sound and versatility of his Regent 25 combo amp for your delectation. Barrie lets rip on some classic guitars, his personal custom made guitar and a bargain basement axe, exploring the Regent 25’s sonic options.
Check out Barrie’s interview with Guitarist Magazine here.

King Charles 30 head

Click here for Colin Smith’s video review of the KC30 head.

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Audio Samples

JPF Sir Charles 15 Head

Here are some samples of the Sir Charles 15 head using a Tayden True Brit speaker in an open-backed cabinet.

Audio samples of the King Charles will follow soon.

JPF Sir Charles 15 – Strat clean, crunch, lead

JPF Sir Charles 15 – Tele clean, crunch, lead

JPF Sir Charles 15 – Les Paul clean, crunch, lead

JPF Sir Charles 15 – Gretsch clean, crunch

JPF Sir Charles 15 – Firebird crunch, lead

JPF Sir Charles 15 – Fender 12 string

JPF Sir Charles 15 With Post-Production FX – Strat, Les Paul, Gretsch

Audio recordings done by Joe using an off-axis SM57 and AT4040 for a little ambience, recorded via an RME Fireface. Guitar played by Dave Page.

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JPF Sir Charles

Click here for the review of our Sir Charles 15 combo in Guitar & Bass magazine.

Click here for the Sir Charles “Gear of The Year” write up from Guitarist Magazine in 2011.

Tayden 12″ Range

Click here for a review of the Tayden 12″ guitar speaker range in Play Music Pickup magazine .

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