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Investigation Of Noise In Fender Pro Junior Guitar Amplifier

The Fender Pro Junior amplifier is popular amplifier. It sounds good, is portable and loud enough for smallish gigs (the sort I play for example!) if you don’t want ultra-clean. Unfortunatley it is prone to being noisy – often to the point of unusability – so we did some investigation into the sources of noise […]

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Better Call Saul theme by Little Barrie using JPF Regent 25 amp.

New American TV drama Better Call Saul, which premiered on 8th Feb, is a prequel to Breaking Bad. The theme tune for this exciting new series was composed and performed by Little Barrie and features a JPF Regent 25 amp that was used both for the guitar and bass guitar. Click here for a sound […]

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Some JPF Headshells in Different Colours

There are now a ton of different colours you can get Tolex in, so we thought we would experiment with some different combinations. Here we have silver/ black and purple/ ivory.  

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“Shadow” the new Little Barrie album is now out.

Check out the new Little Barrie album “Shadow”. Barrie used a JPF Regent combo and a Fender Blonde Tolex Bassman for all the guitars on the album. You can see (and hear!!) Barrie demoing the combo on our Youtube channel.      

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Fender AB763-style Valve Guitar Pre-amp Custom Build

We were asked to make a valve pre-amp for a customer who wanted a simple clean Fender-style pre-amp, mainly for playing jazz. Here are some of the parts before the build.     The PCB is a charge pump circuit from Tube Town that boosts the incoming voltage (12VDC in this case) to a user-adjustable […]

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New JPF Sound Sample and “Rockumentary”

We now have a “rockumentary” on Youtube where I go into some detail about the design and construction of JPF amps, and there is also some footage of David PAge demonstrating the a SC15 combination. These can be accessed via our media page.

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JPF Prototype Nimrod 100W Bass / Guitar Amplifier

Here are some photos of the 1st prototype of a 100W bass / guitar amp. The amp was initially designed as a bass amp (mainly for my use!), but there was some interest in the design from a couple of guitar players, so we will develop a guitar version of this amp too. The amp […]

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Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Zealotry

This pedal was brought in for repair, and I noticed that some jobsworth had stuck a PAT sticker to the outside. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is carried out on electrical portable appliances to verify that they are safe to use. However class III devices that are powered by an external power supply less than 50VDC […]

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New JPF 2 x 10″ Combination Amp Format

We have now prototyped our fist 2 x10″ combination amplifier.     This amp is a SC15, loaded with two 10″ Tayden True Brit speakers.     The 2 x 10″ cabinet is more compact than our 1 x 12″ combo cabinet format. This combo will be priced at £1050 loaded with the Tayden True […]

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Barrie Cadogan Youtube demos of new JPF Regent 25 combination amplifier

As you (hopefully) will have noticed from our home page, JPF Amplification have launched a new amplifier, the Regent 25, powered by a pair of Golden Lion KT66 reissues to give an undistorted 25W. Barrie Cadogan (Little Barrie & Primal Scream) took delivery of the first 2 x 12″ Regent 25 combination amplifier (see his […]

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