JPF Amplification Ltd. is a small company started by two men with a common vision: to help guitarists, bass players and other musicians achieve great tone. Builders of hi-end bespoke amplifiers, practitioners of the carefully honed modification, healers of amps unwell, above all dedicated to tone.

Whether you’re rich and famous, a working pro, or a beginner on a budget we can help you improve your tone. We offer advice on the best setup to achieve the tone you’re looking for.

JPF Amps Frank Cooke Dr Frank Cooke has a background in academic science, with no less than two degrees from Cambridge University. A keen guitarist his interest in amps began when he couldn’t find a repair shop who could fix his own amp: so he did it himself. Over the years he has repaired and serviced hundreds of amps and pedals, and has developed an encyclopaedic knowledge of vintage Fender Amplifiers.

Soldering the gibbet to the fleximgiggum

John-Paul Dunkley comes from the professional audio world, with a background maintaining high-end recording and broadcast equipment. His special interests include high-gain amps, studio FX units and vintage tape delay units (Echoplex, Copycat etc.)