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JPF Amplification Amps

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You can see and hear our amps in action by visiting our Media page.

JPF Regent 25

JPF Regent 25 Guitar Amplifier Head
The Regent 25 employs the same basic topology as the other amps in the JPF range but is powered by two Gold Lion Reissue KT66s, to give 25W before the onset of clipping.

JPF Sir Charles 15

JPF Sir Charles 15 Front View

The A to ZZ of country, blues and boogie…

The Sir Charles 15 is designed around a pair of 6V6 output valves. 6V6s were extensively employed in  the lower powered classic American amps that kick started Rock ‘n’ Roll. The simple ergonomics – just volume, treble and bass controls – and 15W of power at the onset of clipping, make this an ideal gigging amp, allowing you to get power valve distortion without being told to turn down by the soundman! Click here for the Guitar and Bass magazine review of the Sir Charles 15 combination amplifier.

JPF King Charles 30

JPF King Charles 30 Front View

From British Invasion to Monster of Rock…

The King Charles 30 employs the same pre-amp topology as the Sir Charles 15, but has EL34 valves in its output stage to provide a gnat’s under 30W of power before clipping. EL34s are the power valves that helped define the “British sound” and are used in Marshall, Hiwatt, Selmer and many Vox amps. More head room than the Sir Charles 15, the King Charles is voiced to enhance the “chimey” qualities of the EL34, and like the Sir Charles 15 transfers smoothly from clean to overdrive.

Audio Samples

Here are some samples of the Sir Charles 15 head using a Tayden True Brit speaker in an open-backed cabinet.

Audio samples of the King Charles will follow soon.

JPF Sir Charles 15 – Strat clean, crunch, lead

JPF Sir Charles 15 – Tele clean, crunch, lead

JPF Sir Charles 15 – Les Paul clean, crunch, lead

JPF Sir Charles 15 – Gretsch clean, crunch

JPF Sir Charles 15 – Firebird crunch, lead

JPF Sir Charles 15 – Fender 12 string

JPF Sir Charles 15 With Post-Production FX – Strat, Les Paul, Gretsch

Audio recordings done by Joe using an off-axis SM57 and AT4040 for a little ambience, recorded via an RME Fireface. Guitar played by Dave Page of Headspace.