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Gallien Krueger MB 150 Mains Transformer Replacement

The Gallien Krueger MB 150 is a popular bass amp, especially with double bass players. We recently had an MB150 in for repair with a blown mains transformer, GK part No. TTO-10879-02 (equivalent to TTO-10879-01). Unfortunatley, sourcing a replacement was tiresome. The UK distributor quoted 6 months lead time! I couldn’t find an off-the-shelf mains […]

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Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi Repairs.

EH Big Muff effects pedal repair at JPF Amp’s London workshop in Denmark St.

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WEM / Watkins Copicat tape echo repair extravaganza

We had a bit of a WEM / Watkins Copicat repair extravaganza at JPF amps. Here’s a nice photo of three of the 8 (yes eight!!!) we had in for repair.   Great sound that can only really be done by a genuine tape echo.

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Better Call Saul theme by Little Barrie using JPF Regent 25 amp.

New American TV drama Better Call Saul, which premiered on 8th Feb, is a prequel to Breaking Bad. The theme tune for this exciting new series was composed and performed by Little Barrie and features a JPF Regent 25 amp that was used both for the guitar and bass guitar. Click here for a sound […]

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Ashdown MAG300 Bass Amp Repair

I’ve had quite a few Ashdown bass amps in the workshop for repair. Here’s the inside of a MAG300 I had in a recently. The amp was not powering up, and on inspection the mains fuse has blown. On energizing the unit employing a current limiter (a 60W light bulb in series with the amp), […]

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Vintage 70’s Ampeg SVT 300W Bass Amplifier Repair

Here’s a rare example of a 70s Ampeg SVT that I had in the workshop. Introduced in 1969, the SVT has, rightly, gained the reputation as one of the greatest bass amp ever made. Indeed, even today the SVT is the industry standard bass amp for live work. However, working on these amps is not […]

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Orange Crush 15R & 30R Guitar Amp Repair

Here’s some photos from a pair of Orange Crush guitar amps I’ve had in for repair: a 15R and a 30R. Both had a very loud hum when the amp was at idle. In a solid state amp this is almost always due to poor power supply filtering. and further inspection showed that this was caused […]

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Peavey ValveKing 100 Guitar Amp Repair

Peavey have earned a reputation for making well-engineered amps at reasonable prices, so I was not expecting any major issues when I took in a ValveKing 100 for repair. The symptoms where that the amp was not powering up: neither the indicator light, nor the valve heaters where illuminated. This fault is usually due to […]

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Some JPF Headshells in Different Colours

There are now a ton of different colours you can get Tolex in, so we thought we would experiment with some different combinations. Here we have silver/ black and purple/ ivory.  

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“Shadow” the new Little Barrie album is now out.

Check out the new Little Barrie album “Shadow”. Barrie used a JPF Regent combo and a Fender Blonde Tolex Bassman for all the guitars on the album. You can see (and hear!!) Barrie demoing the combo on our Youtube channel.      

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