Guitar Amp Repair

Our Charges and Policies

We do repairs at our workshop at 5 Denmark St., and also at Sweet Amps in Hackney, where there is off-street parking.

Please contact us BEFORE bringing your amp to us; we are very busy.

We charge £72 per hour + parts, with a minimum charge of £72 + parts for amp repairs/ modifications.

Often the time taken to repair an amp is finding the fault, and once you repair one fault another fault becomes apparent.

Because of this we can’t give accurate quotes for amp repairs, although as a general rule it’s rare for a repair to exceed 3 hours work.

For pedal repairs we will give you an estimate before undertaking the repair. For most compact pedals (eg BOSS, VOX, Wah wahs etc) this will be £28 + parts, but more for more complex units, eg a vintage Deluxe Memory Man we reverse the right to charge more labour.

All our repair/ modification work is guaranteed for 6 months after the date of the completed repair (NOT the date of collection).

This guarantee does not cover new faults with an amp; for example if we fit a new speaker to your amp and a power valve fails with this will not be covered by the guarantee.

Valves we supply will be covered for 90 days after repair completion. If you provide your own valves, then we cannot guarantee these.

Any amps not collected within 30 days after completion of repair work will, at our discretion, incur a £3/day storage charge. We reserve the right to dispose of amps not collected after 6 months to cover our expenses, ie the cost of the repair + storage.

If you decide not to proceed with a repair, or we can not fix you amp / pedal there is no fee.

For examples of our repair and modification work see the JPFamps blog.