Guitar & Bass Amplifier Repairs & Mods

Smd2We provide a quality, affordable repair and modification service for guitar and bass guitar amplifiers, and effects pedals.

We charge £24 per half hour and £48 per hour + parts, with a minimum charge of £48 for amp repairs/ modifications and £22 for pedal repairs/ modifications.

We have extensive experience with all makes of vintage and modern amps, so are not only able to repair faults, but are able to get your amp “sounding right”.

We won’t under take any work without your permission, and will return all parts removed from your amp/ pedal to you.

We use quality parts for all our repairs, that equal or exceed the specifications of the original parts.

All our repair/ modification work is guaranteed for 6 months after the date of the completed repair.

Any amps not collected within 30 days after completion of repair work will incur a £3/day storage charge. Amps not collected after 6 months will be sold to cover our expenses, ie the cost of the repair + storage.

For examples of our repair and modification work see the JPFamps blog.

Guitar and Bass Effects Pedal Repairs

Boss TR-2 Guitar PedalWe repair and modify effects pedals for guitar and bass. Indeed, about a quarter of our work is repairing pedals. We’ve worked on all the major brands, including BOSS, MXR, EH, Fulltone, Colorsound & Jim Dunlop, as well as “boutique” brands such as Lovetone, JAM, Love Pedal, Crowther, Lateral Sounds, Keeley, and RMC.

We’ve also got extensive experience of working on vintage pedals, such as Fuzz Face and Colorsound

Although many pedal repairs are easy to diagnose, like broken pots, jack sockets and switches, we are able to diagnose to the component level so don’t give up hope!

And as ever we have a “no fix no fee” policy.

Additionally we also perform modification to pedals, like converting Cry Baby Wah Wah to true bypass; TS9 to TS808 conversion; Boss TR-2 volume drop mod, adding polarity protection, adding LEDs or installing superbright LEDS.

Check out our Blog for some examples of our pedal repair work.