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Fender AB763-style Valve Guitar Pre-amp Custom Build

We were asked to make a valve pre-amp for a customer who wanted a simple clean Fender-style pre-amp, mainly for playing jazz. Here are some of the parts before the build.     The PCB is a charge pump circuit from Tube Town that boosts the incoming voltage (12VDC in this case) to a user-adjustable […]

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3 Cool Lovetone Pedals in for Repair

Here are 3 Lovetone pedals that we have recently repaired. These are rare and valuable pedals.     The Dopplerganger is a phase/ vibrato pedal with 2 low frequency oscillators and is a particular favourite of mine. The Meatball is an envelope filter, and the Ring Stinger is a ring modulator (which I would have […]

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Boss Pedal Repair at JPF Amps London Workshop

Here are 3 Boss pedals I’ve had in for repair at our workshop; a DM-2 analogue delay, an OS-2 overdrive /distortion pedal, and a DD-3 digital delay.     Boss pedals are, in my experience, very reliable. None of these pedals had major faults. The DM-2 (which for the uber pedal geeks was the earlier […]

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New JPF Sound Sample and “Rockumentary”

We now have a “rockumentary” on Youtube where I go into some detail about the design and construction of JPF amps, and there is also some footage of David PAge demonstrating the a SC15 combination. These can be accessed via our media page.

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JPF Prototype Nimrod 100W Bass / Guitar Amplifier

Here are some photos of the 1st prototype of a 100W bass / guitar amp. The amp was initially designed as a bass amp (mainly for my use!), but there was some interest in the design from a couple of guitar players, so we will develop a guitar version of this amp too. The amp […]

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More safety earthing issues. VOX AC30 and Yamaha PA

A couple of safety earthing issues I’ve seen over the last few weeks. Here’s the safety earth from a recent repair on a JMI era VOX AC30. Suffice to say, if you were going to solder the safety earth to something, then the chassis might have been a better bet…… OK, that was a vintage […]

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Brighton Guitar Workshop website now active

I’ve posted previously that a friend of mine, Nathan, is building and repairing guitars in Brighton. Nathan’s now got his web-site, Brighton Guitar Workshop,  up and running so you can check out his work.    

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JPF 2 x 10″ 15W combo in action with Tom Robinson

Here’s some Youtube footage of one of our combination amps in action at a recent Tom Robinson gig in Ypres. The amp is a 15W 2 x 10″ Sir Charles 15W combination. Incidentally, the speakers are Tayden True Brits.

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Regent Sounds, JPF Amps and Central London’s only Fender Custom Shop Dealer have finally got their website up and running

Regent Sounds, who not only sell JPF Amplification, but also are Central London (and indeed Denmark Street’s) only Fender Custom Shop dealer, have finally got their web-site up and running, courtesy of Long Oblong web design. Regent Sounds specialize in Fender and Gretsch guitars, and Fender, Vox and (of course!) JPF Amplification. Regent Sounds are […]

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JPF Amps now doing guitar amp and effects repairs in Brighton

If you’ve been following our blog, you may have noticed that I have advertized that a good friend of mine, and excellent guitar repairer and builder, Nathan, has got his workshop up and running in Brighton. Nathan has been getting requests from his customers for amplifier repairs, so has asked me if I would be […]

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