Pictures from Dallas 2010 Guitar Show

As promised here are some pictures from my trip to the Dallas Guitar Show 2010.

A nice 1959 ‘burst, one of several at the show. Unfortunately I didn’t have $250,000 on me…..

Early 1964 Gibson Firebird I. Very cool and quite rare.

Really cool 1951 Fender Nocaster (have a look at the decal). This guitar played really well and didn’t have the massive baseball bat like neck profiles found on many early 50s Teles, although I actually quite like that profile myself (see Austin post for further details).

1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop with twp PAFs. This guitar is actually rarer than a ‘burst, so was a snip at $109,000!

1954 Fender Stratocaster. Note the wear on the front neck pickup cover. This is very typical of early Fender Strats due to the plastic used for the pickup covers. Look at photos of Buddy Holly playing a Strat and you will see similar wear on the front pickup cover; and his Strat must have been fairly new compared with this one.

Another Fender Nocaster and P-bass from 1951.

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