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Super Rare Wem Deep Blue Amplifier

It’s not often you see one of these. No-one I know had one seen before. It is of course the Wem Deep Blue. Looks fairly conventional from the front.   But what’s that in the back. A Copicat tape echo!   We’ve only found one other picture of a Wem Deep Blue in the internet […]

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Spot the mistake!

This a photo of the filter caps from a Blackface Fender Twin Reverb that was recently brought in for repair. Note the early ’64 date code on the reverb transformer. The main filter caps have been replaced with Sprague Atoms. Can anyone see the error the previous repairer had made?

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Fender Deluxe Reverb II repair.

Hope you all had a good break. I certainly did. Having not seen a Rivera-era Fender for several months we had two Deluxe Reverb II amps in for repair within a couple of weeks! Amazingly they both had faults with there speakers, which we replaced. As I’m sure you know, Paul Rivera was employed by […]

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Cool Matamp GT120 for service.

I will be using our blog to show any cool and interesting valve amps we have in for repair service. This very early, rare Matamp GT-120 was brought in recently. It  had expired in the late 70s and hadn’t been turned on since! Opening the chassis revealed the likely problem; the white powdery coating on […]

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