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Vintage Marshall JMP 100W Amplifier Repair

We often get 70’s Marshall JMP amps in for repair; these are excellent rock amps and are still very good value for money. One the major issues with these amps are the voltage and impedance selectors which are prone to falling out. Someone had done a really good job of wiring the mains selector in […]

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Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9 DX Repair

Here’s an Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer we’ve just repaired.     The pedal came in with a common fault: the switching was intermittent. This is usually due to the foot switch wearing out, however the foot switch in this pedal was fine. After some prodding with a high tech implement (a chopstick!) I found […]

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Better Call Saul theme by Little Barrie using JPF Regent 25 amp.

New American TV drama Better Call Saul, which premiered on 8th Feb, is a prequel to Breaking Bad. The theme tune for this exciting new series was composed and performed by Little Barrie and features a JPF Regent 25 amp that was used both for the guitar and bass guitar. Click here for a sound […]

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Ashdown MAG300 Bass Amp Repair

I’ve had quite a few Ashdown bass amps in the workshop for repair. Here’s the inside of a MAG300 I had in a recently. The amp was not powering up, and on inspection the mains fuse has blown. On energizing the unit employing a current limiter (a 60W light bulb in series with the amp), […]

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Ampeg SVT Repair.

Here’s a rare example of a 70s Ampeg SVT that I had in the workshop recently. The SVT has, rightly, gained the reputation of being one of the greatest bass amp ever made. Even today the SVT is the industry standard bass amp for live work. Working on these amps is not for the faint-hearted, […]

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Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb repaired at JPF Amps

We’ve repaired hundreds of vintage Fender amps, and it’s always a pleasure to get these classic amps back in tip top working order. It’s a testimony to Leo Fender that so many Fender amps from the 1960’s are still being used today. Here’s a picture of the inside of a vintage 1960’s Fender Blackface Deluxe […]

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Two EH Memory Man Deluxe in for Repair at JPF Amps

Here are a couple of Electro Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe delay pedals we’ve had in for repair.       The pedal in the right was distorting badly with an ES-335 when set to unity gain; a problem with the Memory Man is that they don’t like hot guitar signals. This can be reduced somewhat by […]

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Two Marshall JCM900 Amps Repaired At JPF Amps

Here are a couple of Marshall JCM900s guitar amplifiers we’ve had in our workshop for repair in the last few weeks.     The one on the bottom simply need new output jack. Unfortunately the one on the top needed a new mains transformer and power valves, a significantly more expensive repair. These are original early 90’s amps, […]

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Orange Crush 15R & 30R Guitar Amp Repair

Here’s some photos from a pair of Orange Crush guitar amps I’ve had in for repair: a 15R and a 30R. Both had a very loud hum when the amp was at idle. In a solid state amp this is almost always due to poor power supply filtering. and further inspection showed that this was caused […]

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Edwyn Collins’ Girl Like You Barnes & Mullins Fuzz

Here’s a piece of history. This is the actual Barnes and Mullins Fuzz used by Edwyn Collins to record his classic track Girl Like You.     The pedal was in the work shop for repair; nothing seriously wrong with, a broken solder joint on the PCB.    

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